Once Upon a Book Club Subscription Box Review

Once upon a book club box

Guys. I’m obsessed with subscription boxes. My sister told me about some of the boxes her children have been getting and I started looking into all the different options. I had heard of the “wine of the month” type of boxes, but I did not realize how far the monthly subscription box had come over the past few years. I started researching monthly subscription boxes on the internet, and most of the boxes now are more involved. They have everything you could thing of from kids’ activity boxes to dessert boxes (comes with everything for a recipe for a home made dessert) to travel boxes to even, you guessed it: Book Club Boxes! There are a lot of book club options for young adults or teens but very few options were for adult readers. I found a few choices for adults, but the Once Upon a Book Club boxes were the most intriguing me. Here’s the premise:

  1. They send you a recently published book, carefully chosen after meticulously pouring through innumerable new manuscripts.
  2. The book comes in the mail once a month, and comes with 3-5 items that are themed with the book.
  3. The difference between the Once Upon a Book Club box and many of the other boxes is that this box contains wrapped gifts with corresponding page numbers in the book. Once you get that page, you are allowed to open the present. How cool is that!?

Once upon a book club box

Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving. It seems like we all get about a million presents in a span of a few days, but it would be nice to receive something in a month or two or even a few months down the road. It’s great because most of my nieces birthdays are within a few days of Christmas, so they can keep receiving presents for months! The other nice thing about this specific website is that you can choose to buy previous month’s boxes instead of purchasing a subscription for 3-12 months, which is pretty unique. I had missed the cutoff on the December box and chose to receive the November 2017 box. I can’t wait to start reading! I will update this post with more pictures and further reviews as I read through the book. Please comment along with me if you decide to buy a monthly book box as well!

Once upon a book club box

The company was even gracious enough to partner with me to share a coupon with you! Use coupon code LIFEOFFITE to get 10% off your first box today!



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