John’s 30th Birthday

30th birthday presents

This year, on Friday the 13th, the hubs turned 30. We’re also nearing on the 6th anniversary of our first date, which is absolutely crazy to me. I cannot believe we have been together so long, with our relationship now spanning from our early 20’s and going into our 30’s. For the past several weeks, I have been searching for the perfect birthday surprise for him. I mean, you only turn 30 once! I wanted it to be the most special birthday yet. My first thought was that we should go on a trip together (mostly because that’s what I would want to do for a big birthday). I looked at going to Iceland, Hawaii, Peru, and a lot of other places, but John said that a trip just didn’t seem right. He wanted to go on a big trip at a later date, and it was too stressful to plan a vacation around the time he is applying for fellowships (more on that later!).

Then I stumbled across a few posts about getting “30 birthday presents for 30 years”, an idea that I fell in love with. John keeps telling me that I “Leslie Knope” people. If you have ever seen Parks and Recreation, you know that Leslie Knope goes above and beyond to find or create incredibly thoughtful gifts for people, making it impossible to match or surpass her level of awesomeness. He probably has a point. 30 presents seemed like a lot of presents at first, but many of them were small and under $5. A lot of them were edible, consisting of John’s favorite foods and treats. It just made me happy that he had a big overwhelming pile of 30 presents to open on his big day, and he seemed excited. John likes to live life very simply – he doesn’t want or need flashy or expensive things. He only likes to have the necessities, and it’s one of my favorite things about him. But this time, I wanted to make sure he was the center of attention, and thought he deserved to be spoiled a little bit. Here’s a list of some of the things he got to unwrap:

  1. Birthday card
  2. Gum
  3. Cheez-Its
  4. Cereal
  5. Gummy worms
  6. Gatorade
  7. A pillow with a pug’s face (which was more a present for me)
  8. I got a packet of 6 white V-neck shirts and wrapped them in 6 individual boxes
  9. Basic socks
  10. Various patterned socks (including Zelda socks)
  11. Underwear
  12. Swim trunks
  13. Shoe polish
  14. Car cleaning wipes
  15. Pants
  16. Button down shirt
  17. Coupon for a back rub
  18. Nintendo Switch Donkey Kong game
  19. Nintendo Switch controller
  20. USA Men’s soccer jersey with his name on it
  21. Jord watch

30th birthday presents for himusa mens soccer jersey

I asked him which present was his favorite and he said he had a hard time deciding between the Jord watch and the soccer jersey, but the watch wins. I picked out the dark sandalwood and emerald of the “Frankie” series, and it is even more gorgeous in person! I want to steal it for myself! It’s also such a special parallel because his wedding ring is wooden as well. He would have been happy getting just the watch for his birthday, but I was excited to give him 29 other surprises as well. He cannot wait to wear it!

I would highly recommend Jord if you are looking for a gift for a special someone. Click on the link below to enter a drawing to win $100 towards your very own Jord watch – winner gets $100 plus free shipping and free sizing! Or you can enter coupon code lifeoffite to receive $25 off your first order!

jord watch 30th birthday present for husband wood watch



My Favorite Gifts of 2017

Hello all and happy holidays! Did everyone get what they asked for this year? My favorite gift this year by far was having a few extra days to be home and spend time with my family. Living 500 miles away from almost all of the people you care about can be extremely lonely. I constantly feel like I’m missing out on important memories, especially milestones of my little nieces and nephew. Last year I had about 2.5 days to visit my family in Oklahoma City and the hubs’ family in Tahlequah. It was emotionally and physically exhausting. This year I had TEN days to spend with family! It was definitely the best gift of all. My heart is so full going into the new year of 2018. The only caveat was that my poor husband had to work up until December 26th in Tennessee, but he recently joined us in Oklahoma City and all is finally right in the world. Nothing is more important to me than family, especially for the holidays. I also wanted to share with you a few of my favorite tangible gifts this year.

1. Kendra Scott Olivia Drop Earrings in Emerald Glass

Kendra scott Olivia drop earrings emerald glass

These were a special present from the hubs for Christmas. I’m obsessed with green and fell in love with the deep Emerald green of these earrings the minute I saw them. They are so versatile, from winter, to spring, summer, and fall, and I can’t wait to wear them. They are also super lightweight so you don’t feel them pulling on your ears. My parents also got this beautiful bracelet made of Murano glass for me when they were in Italy – a match made in heaven!

2. Fitbit Flex 2

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

You know when you are missing out on something but don’t even realize that you’re missing out? That is how I felt before I got the Fitbit. It has been on my wrist for all of 3 days and I’m already obsessed. There are two features that I didn’t know I needed in my life: one is that it is water resistant. From swimming to showering, I never have to take it off if I don’t want to (and I won’t ruin it if I forget!). The other feature is the silent alarm. Every morning, I wake up about 30 minutes to an hour earlier than John. I also happen to like to set my alarm earlier and then snooze about 5 times. I never realized this bothered John until I got the silent alarm on the Fitbit. There were lots of, “Oh good, now I don’t have to listen to your alarm go off 74 times,” comments. One cool setting is that the alarm will keep buzzing every 9 minutes until you get up and walk 50 steps. Pretty cool! It also keeps track of the steps I walk in a day, since I don’t keep my phone in my scrubs pocket. Great for hospital workers!

3. American Giant Leggings

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Honestly, I’ve always bought the cheap $5-8 dollar leggings at H&M or Forever 21 but they are thinner and would always end up with a hole in the same spot, over the left knee. I have no idea how I do it to every pair of leggings I own, but I have about 4 pairs of H&M black leggings with a hole in the left knee. The material on those leggings is also much thinner and leaves me cold on winter days. But these American Giant Leggings! Wow, I never thought I could love leggings so much. They are thicker, softer, and very well made. I don’t think I can ever buy cheap leggings again, and honestly, by the time I buy 6 pairs of cheap leggings that all find their way to have a hole in the left knee, I might as well have invested in some nicer leggings.

4. Once Upon A Book Club Box

Once upon a book club box

 If you haven’t heard already, I am obsessed with subscription boxes. See my post about these book club subscription boxes. I’m about halfway through the book and I could not love it more. The gifts corresponding to page numbers makes the story come alive. And I was surprised with the quality of the first gift – they seem really well made and expensive!

5. Williams Sonoma Maple Straight Rolling Pin


I have a rolling pin that is long and tapered to both ends but the shape of it does not seem to work for me. I always end up making the dough thinner in the center and thicker on the ends. I needed something straight across and this one is both beautiful and functional!

6. Fite Family Portrait


My sister had the most thoughtful portrait done of John and me. I love it so much and can’t wait to hang it in our house!

7. Physicians Work Bag


My brother in law got John and I these amazing physicians work bags with our names on them  it was such a thoughtful gift and they are so pretty!

8. Kendra Scott Earrings


I’m not sure which earrings these are but I love them! There’s definitely a theme here that some of my favorite gifts were jewelry from Kendra Scott. I just love how versatile and timeless her jewelry is. I would have never picked these out myself but I couldn’t love them more!

I loved every gift I received this year for Christmas, but here are just a few of my favorites! What was your favorite gift this year?


Once Upon a Book Club Subscription Box Review

Once upon a book club box

Guys. I’m obsessed with subscription boxes. My sister told me about some of the boxes her children have been getting and I started looking into all the different options. I had heard of the “wine of the month” type of boxes, but I did not realize how far the monthly subscription box had come over the past few years. I started researching monthly subscription boxes on the internet, and most of the boxes now are more involved. They have everything you could thing of from kids’ activity boxes to dessert boxes (comes with everything for a recipe for a home made dessert) to travel boxes to even, you guessed it: Book Club Boxes! There are a lot of book club options for young adults or teens but very few options were for adult readers. I found a few choices for adults, but the Once Upon a Book Club boxes were the most intriguing me. Here’s the premise:

  1. They send you a recently published book, carefully chosen after meticulously pouring through innumerable new manuscripts.
  2. The book comes in the mail once a month, and comes with 3-5 items that are themed with the book.
  3. The difference between the Once Upon a Book Club box and many of the other boxes is that this box contains wrapped gifts with corresponding page numbers in the book. Once you get that page, you are allowed to open the present. How cool is that!?

Once upon a book club box

Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving. It seems like we all get about a million presents in a span of a few days, but it would be nice to receive something in a month or two or even a few months down the road. It’s great because most of my nieces birthdays are within a few days of Christmas, so they can keep receiving presents for months! The other nice thing about this specific website is that you can choose to buy previous month’s boxes instead of purchasing a subscription for 3-12 months, which is pretty unique. I had missed the cutoff on the December box and chose to receive the November 2017 box. I can’t wait to start reading! I will update this post with more pictures and further reviews as I read through the book. Please comment along with me if you decide to buy a monthly book box as well!

Once upon a book club box

The company was even gracious enough to partner with me to share a coupon with you! Use coupon code LIFEOFFITE to get 10% off your first box today!


How to make asymmetrical modern Christmas wreaths

Asymmetric modern floral wreaths DIY holiday Christmas party

Looking for a simple, yet elegant backdrop for a holiday party? We’re hosting a dinner tomorrow night and I was looking for something easy and natural-feeling, yet festive. Every time I pull up Pinterest, my feed is filled with these asymmetric modern wreaths. I scrolled through some tutorials and they all seemed pretty straightforward, but they involved ordering hoops, and finding fresh or beautiful faux flowers. Ain’t nobody got time for that! The dinner is tomorrow! Even if I order a hoop on Amazon Prime, it won’t be here until the day after tomorrow, and Hobby Lobby isn’t open on Sundays. Trying to find a way to make something with what I have on hand, I then thought about the beautiful bushes in our back yard. They have beautiful red and dark purple berries right now, so I decided to see what I could come up with.

Diy Christmas holiday asymmetric modern wreathsAsymmetric modern wreaths diy flowers

This project turned out to be super easy and I’m really happy with the results. I picked out few of the longer branches and cut them as far back as I could, about 3 feet. I brought them into the house and looped the branches around to make a circle. The ends are overlapped by a few inches, as the end furthest from the bush was a little wobbly and the one closest to the bush was a little stiff. I tied them together with gold string I dug out of one of my craft drawers, and voila!

Asymmetric holiday modern wreaths

A beautiful modern wreath. The whole project took probably 20 minutes. They are a perfect addition to our holiday decor. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Asymmetric modern Christmas wreaths9B641138-7331-4974-9C77-E5217F41AA6E

DIY Photo Wall

hi loves

Today I am sharing my wonderful DIY photo wall. Having a feature wall is a great way to spruce up an otherwise boring hallway without spending a ton of money. I spent < $10 on mine. I love the versatility of changing out the pictures over time as I take new ones.

Right now mine rotates between Christmas cards, wedding photos, pictures of my family and nieces, etc. It this setup can be used to hang paintings, children’s drawings, artwork, in-progress projects, amongst many others!

Instructions below:

diy photo wall


You will need:

  • One package of Eye Hooks with a screw end
  • Durable thick (won’t droop with a lot of photos) but pliable wiring
  • A ruler

To make the wall:

  • Measure out where your screws will go. The width of your project will vary depending on the width of your wall. I measured from the outer walls as well as the distance in between the pegs just to make sure that I was staying in the same vertical plane
  • Measure the distance between the two rows. This will vary on how big your photos are. Mine was approximately 8 inches apart.
  • Attach the eye hooks by screwing them into the wall
  • Thread your wire through the eye hooks, snaking the wire across until you get to the end. You can tie off the wire by wrapping it around itself.
  • Attach photos. Be creative! You can do a variety of colors and sizes as I did or go for a very uniform look – such as with square black and white photos. I used office clips to keep my photos on just so I could easily rotate out my photos but you can use string, more wire, colored clips, or clothes hangers.

diy photo wall

diy photo wall


hi loves